Waterloo Trails System

Waterloo is home to over 50 miles of paved trails and 1.5 miles of compacted aggregate surface trails.

Riverwalk Loop

4 Miles - Welcome to downtown Waterloo! Whether it is a concert at the amphitheater, a splash in Mark’s Park, a stroll through the river plazas and overlooks, a visit to many of the cultural venues, or a great meal at one of many locally owned restaurants, Waterloo’s downtown Riverfront Renaissance offers it all!? Loop runs both sides of the Cedar River from the Mullan Avenue bridge to the 18th Street Bridge.

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

This 52-mile multi-use trail connects the metro areas of Waterloo/Cedar Falls with Cedar Rapids and many smaller towns in between.? It is used for biking, hiking, in-line skating, cross country skiing and nature study.? Motorized vehicles and horses are not allowed on the trail.? Surfaced with asphalt from Evansdale to McFarlane Park south of La Porte City (16.5 miles), and then compacted limestone, the trail follows the floodplain of the Cedar River through forested areas, wetlands and rolling farmlands, with tree tunnels punctuated by open vistas.? A campground is located on the trail at McFarlane Park.?

*****NOTICE***** The Black Hawk County Conservation Board has notified us that Wolf Creek Bridge that carries the Cedar Valley Nature Trails over Wolf Creek in La Porte City has been closed. Engineers have inspected this bridge and determined that;?due to the number of structural members that are either failed or?severely?compromised, a load capacity for the bridge cannot be determined and it has been recommended that the bridge be closed in the interest of public safety. The Black Hawk County Conservation Board will continue to work with engineers to seek a solution.

For more information, call the Black Hawk County Conservation Board at (319) 266-0328.

Rules of the Trail

We encourage everyone to safely enjoy the benefits of out metro trail system through their consideration of other trail users.? So, weather you're walking, biking or in-line skating, please observe all posted signs and:

  • Use your head - wear a helmet.
  • Go with the flow - stay to the right.
  • Stay clear of the trail when stopped.
  • Signal turns or stops; announce when passing.? Show respect for adjacent property.
Register Your Event

If you are hosting an event on the Cedar Valley Trails System registration is required.? Please click HERE for a link to the Cedar Trails Partnership Registration Page.


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