Riverview Recreation Area

Photo courtesty of Courier

Waterloo is one of few cities in Iowa to boast a state sanctioned OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) park in an urban setting.? Construction of this facility was made possible through cooperation of the City of Waterloo, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa OHV Association, and the Trailblazers Off Road Club.? In late 1998 a lease agreement was approved between the City of Waterloo and the Trailblazers Club.? The 15-year lease allowed the club to develop approximately 180 acres into an OHV park with two MX tracks, a flat track, a large parking lot, and many miles of ATV trails.? Activities in the park are largely family- oriented.? A typical weekend finds the large lot filled with trucks, trailers, and people of all ages riding the trails.? Cooperation among many groups and agencies has led to the successful creation of this motorized recreation area.? The ATV Park is located at 2600 Hawthorne Ave, Waterloo, IA 50702.

River view Recreation Area Master Plan (PDF)

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