Riverside Skatepark

Waterloo's first skatepark opened on Memorial Day weekend 2002 in Exchange Park.? A wide array of ramps and obstacles can be found within the first class skatepark.? The park is open to all roller blade and skateboard enthusiasts throughout the fair weather months.? This project was made possible by funding from the City of Waterloo as well as generous donations from the R.J. McElroy Trust, the Waterloo Exchange Club, and the Tony Hawk Foundation.?

Maintenance or Safety Concerns

Please call 291-4370 with maintenance or safety concerns.

Riverside Skatepark Rules

This facility is unsupervised!? Any use is at your own risk.? Use may result in injury.

Safety Equipment

Is strongly recommended that the following safety equipment be worn at all times to help provide suitable protection in the event of falls or collisions: helmet, kneepads, wrist guard and elbow pads.

Map to Skatepark

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  • No glass containers, food, beverages or gum allowed on the skating surface.
  • Please do not bring in other items such as benches and picnic tables to be used as ramps within the skate park surface.
  • Please keep all pets outside of the fenced area of the skate park
  • Do not proceed down obstacles until they are clear of other skaters
  • Hours of permitted use, as with all City Of Waterloo Parks, are from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs are prohibited
  • Bikes allowed only at specified times.

The Waterloo Leisure Services Department and the City of Waterloo reserve the right to:

  • Close the facility for any circumstance deemed necessary by department staff.
  • Restrict entry to the facility and ask persons to leave the facility if any of the guidelines for use are not followed or if unsafe behavior is observed.

Please Remember

Skate with safety in mind and remember weather conditions may create unsafe surfaces for skating.

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