Riverfront Stadium

At a press conference held at Waterloo City Hall on February 10, 2005, Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley revealed details of a major renovation project for Waterloo Riverfront Stadium. Over one million dollars is being included in the City’s Five Year Capital Improvement Program for stadium renovations to be used along with grants, donations, and in-house labor to complete the makeover of Riverfront Stadium.

The first phase of construction will consist of a new entrance and restroom building for the 59-year old venue. Four new ticket windows will greet patrons as they enter the stadium. A new structure on the third base side of the stadium will house a concessions stand along with new restrooms. The current plans call for additional restrooms that will add nearly 40 women's fixtures and 20 men's fixtures.

Struxture Architects of Waterloo is nearing a completion of a master plan for a total stadium renovation. The master plan, pending city approval, will include the following over the next three to five years:

  • New home and visitor locker rooms
  • New umpire facilities
  • New grandstand roof, decking, and seating
  • Press box improvements
  • Two skyboxes
  • New decking and seating for the first and third base bleacher sections
  • Reconfiguration of the main concessions stand
  • Parking improvement

"I feel enthused about our commitment to put a fresh new face on Waterloo's historic baseball stadium and to move beyond important cosmetic changes to a true facelift," said Mayor Hurley. "Riverfront Stadium is more than an asset to the Waterloo and greater Cedar Valley community. It is part of our history and our heritage. Riverfront Stadium will soon become a true gem of a ballpark that will shine for many years to come."

Waterloo Riverfront Stadium was built for use in 1946. The stadium was financed and built by private individuals and fans on city-owned land and turned over to the city upon its completion. Professional teams that have represented the city since 1946 include: Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, and San Diego Padres.

Not only does Riverfront Stadium play host to the two-time Northwoods League Champion Bucks, but it is also home to University of Northern Iowa baseball, youth and high school games, various Division III and junior college games, and community and civic events. In October of 2005, the celebrated stadium was the host to a campaign stop by President George W. Bush, drawing in over 7,000 spectators.


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