Riverloop Bike Trail

Running through the heart of the industrial area in Waterloo, this loop offers trail users a variety of recreational experiences all while enjoying spectacular views of the Cedar River. The entire trail runs 16+ miles, connecting the downtown areas of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, and three major river crossings allow you to shorten the loop to your preference.


Mark's Park

Located next to the Amphitheatre, Mark’s Park offers a splash pad and play structures for kids ages 12 and under. This “Spray-ground” offers interactive water features daily, to be enjoyed free of charge.

Riverloop Amphitheatre

The Riverloop Amphitheatre is located adjacent to the Waterloo Center for the Arts along Cedar Street. The steel-frame structure along the Cedar River, with its unusual design, fabric cover, sound and lights, offers a unique performance space with spectacular views. The amphitheatre can hold approximately 600 people in the general seating area and can accommodate groups of up to approximately 1000 people. Contact the Waterloo Center for the Arts for details and reservation request javascript:;

Expo Plaza

The Riverloop Expo Plaza is conveniently located at the corner of Park Avenue and Jefferson Street in downtown Waterloo. With easy points of access and a quality appearance, this space offers endless possibilities for both public and private events.

Waterloo Dekhockey

Dekhockey is the newest sport to hit the Waterloo area!?

Get involved in one of the first 3 vs. 3 Dekhockey leagues in the country! The Dekhockey rink is located in Downtown Waterloo in the North block of Expo Plaza. Be the first to enjoy, have fun, and take part in this new, competitive, and recreational, exciting, and fast paced sport.? Dekhockey is a form of off-ice hockey played on foot, using a ball, in a rink with a sport court surface. Making it an accessible sport since it requires no skill to ice skate. It is truly a sport for the entire family with a league for everyone!

Visit this link for more information:? javascript:;

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