Tee Time Reservations

Tee Time Reservation Policy

  1. Tee time reservations are available for every day of the week seven days in advance.
  2. Reservations may be made online, in person, or over the phone at the numbers listed below.

    Warren Memorial : 234-9271 or 291-4472
    Gates: 291-4485 or 291-4487
    South Hills: 291-4268 or 291-4269

  3. The website for online reservations is javascript:;

  • To make a reservation, a person must leave a name and phone number
  • Individuals may only reserve two (2) tee times per day.
  • Group outings and tournaments of over four (4) tee times shall make advanced arrangements through the Leisure Services Office and are subject to the Policies for Golf Tournaments and Outings.
  • No-shows will be documented by pro shop staff.? Any person or group that twice fails to give notification of cancellation of their reservation will forfeit reservation privileges.
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