1. USGA rules govern all play.
  2. Each player must have a daily receipt.
  3. Each player must have their own clubs and bag, and proper footwear.
  4. Foursomes are encouraged.? Starters reserve the right to set up foursomes.
  5. Replace divots, repair ball marks, and level footprints in sand traps.
  6. Motorized golf carts must remain 30 feet from greens and off tees.
  7. The course superintendent may restrict the use of motorized carts because of conditions on the course.
  8. Motorized golf carts are the concession of the golf pros and are subject to their regulations.
  9. Golfers may not start on No. 10 tee without the permission of the starter (when on duty) or when interfering with golfers continuing from No. 9.
  10. Extended breaks after nine holes may cause golfers to lose their turn on No. 10 tee.
  11. Practice is restricted to designated practice areas.
  12. No beer or alcoholic beverage may be brought into the Pro Shop, onto the golf course or its parking lots.? Only beer purchased through the Pro Shop operation may be consumed in these licensed areas.
  13. The Leisure Services Commission reserves the right to revoke the playing privileges of anyone violating these rules and regulations.
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