Tree Removals

According to Waterloo Leisure Services Tree Removal Policy, there are only 4 reasons why the Waterloo forestry crew would remove a tree from City of Waterloo owned property.

  1. The tree is dead.
  2. The tree is structurally unsound and at high risk of failure.
  3. The tree is diseased. (This only includes diseases that could be detrimental to the rest of Waterloo’s urban forest. An example would be Dutch Elm Disease.)
  4. It is in the best interest of the City of Waterloo.

As the City of Waterloo evaluates trees (trees in the systematic tree maintenance program, trees that were damaged in storms, and trees at the request of the public) many are scheduled for removal by the Waterloo forestry crew. This is normally the last option for tree related issues, but many times a necessity for the safety of the Waterloo residents and visitors.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Waterloo Leisure Services office (Contact Us) to report dead or dying trees, trees blown over in storms, or trees that are structurally unsound. Do not assume the forestry crew will immediately be aware of the problems such trees may posses.

Residents are asked to supply the following information when requesting a tree to be removed:

  1. Exact location of tree(s). Please give address and description of tree location at the address.
  2. What is wrong with the tree? (Is it structurally unsound? Is it dead? Is it diseased?)
  3. Your name, address, and phone number.
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