Waterloo Leisure Services

We are open?

All public courses are open with additional precautions in place to protect our patrons and employees.

Parks Covid 19 Social Distancing

More than 500 groups nationwide support safe use of parks during COVID-19 outbreak.

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Feature Attraction

Your premier fitness and recreation facility.??Find out more

Amusement Park Tickets

Amusement parks are closed for the season.? Check back in May 2020 for discounted ticket prices.? Click here for pricing and details.

Contact Us

Waterloo Leisure Services
1101 Campbell Avenue
Waterloo, Iowa 50701
(319) 291-4370
Hours: Monday-Friday?7am-4pm

Leisure Services Board

Term/Expiration on 3/1?of year
Brenda Durbahn - Chair? 1st/2020
Bob Bamsey? 1st/2021
Jadyn Spencer? 1st/2021
Sharon Samec? 2nd/2022
Tom Powers? 1st/2020
Xavier Leonard? 1st/2020
Tom Christensen? 1st/2022
Paul Huting, Leisure Services Director
Dave Boesen, City Council Liason
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